Worlds Apart-Maria Kavogianni
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Maria Kavogianni was born and raised in Athens, Greece.  She graduated with honors from the Athens University of Economics and Business.  Soon after she attended the Maraslios Pedagogic Academy of Athens from which she graduated and thereafter worked as a teacher for several years.  She went on to attend the acclaimed Karolos Koun School of Drama from which she graduated in 1986.

She has appeared in numerous Television and Film productions, Theater shows as well as Radio and Television commercials.  In 1992 she co-hosted a radio show that became instantly popular and run successfully for several years.  Her acting roles in television shows made her a household name, widely known in Greece as one of the best comedians.

However in 2009 she managed to surprise her audience with her heart-aching dramatic portrayal of a mother losing her child in the television drama series `Hara agnoeitai` for which she won a best actress in television drama award in 2010.  Her Theater work includes a wide range of plays, from classics such as Bertolt Brecht`s `The threepenny opera” to contemporary Greek writers, as well as Ancient Drama such as “Lysistrata”, play by Aristofanis.  She is married and lives in Athens with her husband and their daughter.

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